Historic facts and trivia

I have put together some image galleries on historic pictures and maps, of interest to put the family history in perspective, especially for foreigners.

As the Viergever clan was founded on Schouwen, one of the islands in Zeeland, shipping played an important role in the lives of some of the early Viergevers.

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Family crest

The image of the archer is actually drawn from an image in sealing wax on some orphanage papers. The signet ring is attributed to Daniel Govertse Viergever, born abt 1660 and the first person to call himself Viergever. (Why? See the history of the family name). He was a farmer in Ouwerkerk, but had several societal functions, such as Deacon, Elder, and Alderman.

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Family name

The fact that Viergever means "Fire giver" has always intrigued me. How did this name come about?

  • Is is connected to military? Firing the canons?
  • Does it have to do with street lanterns?
  • Does it have to do with fire places in houses or castles?

Well, it seems it ha a more intricate history.

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History of Zeeland

16th Century

In the sixteenth century trade was on the rise in Zeeland, but on the downside there weer many wars and floods. At the St. Felix flood of 5 November 1530, large portions of Zeeland were flooded, among others Noord-Beveland, Borssele and Sint Philipsland. Some parts never returned to land, such as 'het Verdronken Land van Zuid-Beveland' (the drowned land of Zuid Beveland).

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