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A man named Michael Viergiver, a shoemaker jumped on the Vincent Place bridge, Rochester, N. Y., last night and fell about 120 feet. He struck on his back in the water and was baldy bruised but no bones were broken. He will probably live.

The Akron Beacon Journal, 20 July 1886

Viergiver is here

Utica Herald Dispatch, Friday Evening, March 27, 1908

The Professor May Decide to Defy the Doctors.

Prof. Viergever, the masseur and physical culture teacher, who left town some weeks ago when the police accused him of illegally practicing medicine, is again in town. To a reporter the professor said to-day that some of his former patients and friends wished him to resume his work and and had promised to aid him in case he should again be interfered with.

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Concussion of brain follows physical culture exercises

The Post Standard, Syracuse, N.Y. Wednesday Morning, July 29, 1908

William S. Wood of Geneva Found in a Dazed Condition by His Mother, Who Had Heard the Sound of a Fall in His Room - Recovery Expected

Geneva, July 19 - As a result of an attempt to go through some physical culture exercises in his room Saturday morning, William S. Wood, Secretary of the Board of Public Works, is suffering from concussion of the brain, confined to his bed and no one but members of his family are allowed to see him.

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United States Cases

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Thursday, November 12, 1891.

The United States District Court will be convened at Auburn next Tuesday. Among the cases of local interest are the following:

Samuel J. Levy personating a pension agent ; Charles Viergiver, passing counterfeit money ; Charles Freer, Charles W. Wartung and Thomas L. Brown, selling liquor without paying the special tax ; George W. Snyder, runnig a steamboat on Irondequoit Bay without a government licence, and John Smith, acting as a pilot without licence.

Prof Viergiver Nabbed

(Source: Utica NY Herald-Dispatch March 7, 1908; The article gives no first name. Only an approximation as to his age is possible ('perhaps 50 years of age'). Therefore I cannot say with certainty who this guy is (or if I even have him in the database..)

Officers Foley and Callahan Posed as “Patients” and the Latter Took a Course of ”Physical Torture” – Prof. Viergiver to Leave Town.

“Physical Culture and Massage” says the neat little sign on the front of the flat at 349 Genesee street, where “Prof. Viergiver” has dispensed encouraging words, liniment and “scientific breathing” lessons fro three months past. The professor has been in Utica for two years, during which period he has lived on Blanding and West streets, before he took to the more fashionable neighborhood of Oneida Square. During his stay there he has treated many and with much success –he says himself- but he is about to leave Utica hurriedly and under compulsion. He is going because he treated the wrong man. The wrong man was Police Officer Callahan.

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